Shaping the Future of Work in a Digitalised Services Industry through Social Dialogue

From 2019-2020, UNI Europa will be running a key project on “Shaping the future of work in a digitalised services industry through social dialogue”. The key objective of the project is to look in-depth at specific topics related to the future of work, and in particular as regards the impact on social dialogue and collective bargaining at national and European level. It will identify current cutting-edge practices and thinking that can support social partners when developing their policies and approaches on three main topics: 1) self-employment; 2) skills; and 3) restructuring processes. The project is a further step in UNI Europa’s development of a forward-looking policy platform on how trade union action, industrial relations and public policy can lead to a fairer and more sustainable European services industry. It is an essential part of the preparations for the UNI Europa Conference in October 2020.

The project will bring together trade union experts in three thematic workshops to formulate policy-oriented framework guidelines setting out concrete elements to be addressed in collective bargaining and social dialogue. The project outcomes will be discussed at a two-day conference with participants from trade unions and employer associations from UNI Europa’s 13 sectoral social dialogues, as well as other stakeholders, such as the EU, the OECD and the ILO. In addition, the project will also organise two further workshops for the social partners to discuss its outcomes in the context of sectoral social dialogue.

The work of the three thematic workshops will be supported by three research reports, the production of which has been outsourced to three research partners. The research work includes three affiliate surveys and coordination with relevant stakeholders to look for new collectively bargained ways and models of shaping the respective collective bargaining policy.

Project events:

– 1st Steering Group Meeting: 25 February 2019 in Brussels
– 2nd Steering Group Meeting: 11 April 2019 in Brussels
– 1st Workshop on Self-Employment: 1 October 2019 in Rome
– 2nd Workshop on Skills: 12 November 2019 in Prague